fredag 20. april 2012


Steampunk was such a blast, I will have to make a follow up attire. The idea is an aeronaut suit, consisting of a pilot hat with goggles, shirt, corset, shorts and boot covers as illustrated below a consept sketch. I know what you are thinking; Where are the wings! (they will be added in the second interation).

Consept: adventure and independent female.

The corset will be an underbust corset with over-shoulder straps. I will use my previous "big sister corset pattern" as a base. The same goes for the hot pant, modified with a higher waistline addon for suspenders. 

The helmet/hat will be my newest challange, since I have never made one before. Resarch must be done. 

So far I have decided on making overknee boothcover attached to the pants with suspenders. 

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  1. heisann Chrix. Digger aeronaut konseptet ditt, veldig kult

    Du, du sa at du kunne komme for en Portal photoshoot for ett skoleprosjekt jeg har, det hadde vært veldig fint om vi fikk gjort det så fort som mulig. Jeg sendte deg mobil nummeret mitt på japani, venligst send meg en sms asap, så vi kan finne ut av dette


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