onsdag 18. april 2012

Project prospects

In the boring hours after a con, when I realize I'm done with my current projects, I find myself a bit lost without patterns and sanding occupying my mind. Therefor I found out that I would make a list over project prospects to start with the next months (or years, sometime I'm really slow)

Being in the middle of mass effect 3 you might guss what I want. I have not made a full body armor yet and fem Shepard will be my first. Now, where to get that EVA foam?

Photo: Bioware

I love Halo, favorite game of all time and I think I deserve a female armor. How ever, two armors in a row sounds boring, so this will be a future project. But a needler is more comprehensive - and it glows!

Photo: Bungie

At Banzaicon I was also approached by a fellow cosplayer who wanted to do a sc2 group cosplay. Kerrigan seems like a nice challenge. Think I need some time with this one though.

Photo: Blizzard

What else... 

Yes, Desucon is approaching fast and with limited time I think I will have to do with only an upgrade and not a complete new costume. My Skyrim helmet never entered a contest, so there I go.

Photo: Bethesda (fan made edit)

And steampunk made me crave more textile work. Planning an aeronaut outfit and a cyberpunk/android inspired creation - with lots of light. One of these might be presented at desucon. I'll blog separately about these later.

So this is my plan for the moment, fem shep armor, needler, Kerrigan, Dovahkiin, aeronaut and androidpunk.

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