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The people behind cosplay.no arranged cosplayshopping today, which means experienced cosplayers guide a group of shopper's through the hidden jewels in Oslo. For my part I needed to get some supplies for my next costumes, Oola from Star Wars and Dovahkiin from Skyrim, and what better day to do this than in the company of enthusiastic cosplayers.

This is what I found today:  

For Oola
Photo: Wookiepedia

Green body paint. After studying images of others who has cosplayed her, I realized that her skin color is very pale green with a yellow tone. We went to Visage, who recommended crème make-up pure from Grimas, which will not crack or clutter as water based color often do.

I wanted to try color no 1521 (pale green/yellow) with shading of 404 (green). Fixating spray is also recommended so the makeup is not rubbed off. This makeup will still be removed only with soap and water. 

And I found a mesh fabric at Rainbow tekstil for Oolas slave outfit. They also sell good and reasonable skai here.

For Dovahkiin
Photo: Bethesda (fan made edit)

I already have the helmet and have started with the upgrade process. But for this I needed more filler. This time I chose a cheap filler from Clas Ohlson (NOK 39,-). A little grained, but ok for the rough surface of the helmet. 

For fur details around the armor I choose a gray faux fur from Saab teksil and skai from rainbow tekstil as previously mentioned. 
Faux fur

 Skai (faux leather)

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