søndag 20. mai 2012

My costumes for Desuson

I'm very ambivalent when deciding for new costumes, but I think I have landed on two costumes for this years Desucon

Day 1
I heard a group of girls are going as twi'leks and I have long wanted to make reality out of one of my old costume plans - Oola a twi'lek dancer in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Photo: Wookiepedia

Since I have never molded anything out of latex before, I put my faith in a gifted star wars fan, Pam Simpson behind Pam's Costumes to sculpt the Lekku. So the costume depends on the lekku arriving on time. Updates will follow. 

Day 2
Female Dovahkiin, upgrading my earlier costume, better helmet, full iron armor and battle axe. 
Photo: Bethesda (fan made edit)

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