mandag 14. mai 2012

Tali cosplay - Mass Effect 2

For Coscon 2 (October 2011, Oslo) I went as Tali'Zorah vas Normandy from Mass Effect 2. 

Photo: Bioware

Regrettably I didn't document the process very well, here are a few wip. The boot is covered with a foam mat and weathered. The gun is a modified nerf gun where I added a couple of LED. All the patterns on the fabric are hand drawn. 

The helmet is a cardboard base covered with a foam mat, plaster acrylic paint.  Due to poor ventilation I put in a small computer fan, sine the visor tends to fog up. A small LED in front. I was supposed to have a sensor activating the light as I spoke, but it arrived after the con, so it is still on my "to do list". The visor was a lucky find. I tried to thermo shape plastic, but that is hard to buy in small quatum in Norway. So I came across a nicely shaped packaging which I tinted with NITE shade spray (from biltema).

For the finished costume I won third place at Coscons competition for Norway's best cosplayer. 

Photo: H. Nyhus

The helmet close up
Photo: H. Nyhus

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  1. Hi, do you have any pattern for this helmet? I am going to do this cospley too, ane I am still looking for foam pattern

    1. Hi, Sorry. I made mine by trial and error. But you could use one of the pepakura files and take inspiration from that. Here is a site I found that gathers ME pepakura:


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