onsdag 27. juni 2012

Steampunk Geisha

Steampunk was such a blast so I want to make another outfit, but with more of an oriental angle this time. I was very inspired by these pictures, especially the silk maiden dress from Alice madness returns. I actually wanted to make an Alice cosplay, but that have to wait. 

Steampunk Geisha Moodboard

Concept drawing

A early concept sketch. Blue front fold dress with pink satin hems and a pink and brown corset with over shoulder straps.The idea is that the corset opening is on the left front side (seen from a spectators view). And BIG hair with alot of accessories, I'm thinking floral for both hair and makeup.

I'm a little bit eager, it is only 24 hours since mye last con and I have already bought the fabrics. 

Brown Skai (faux leather) and pink floral silk for the corset and a beautiful blue oriental inspired fabric for the dress it self. All fabrics are bought at Saab Tekstil in Oslo.

Now to make pattern for a new corset and dress. My goal; to finish it in time for Närcon. Updates will follow

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