mandag 9. juli 2012

Super Mario Cake

I made a Super Mario cake in the shape of a question block for my friends birthday. This is my walk through. 
mario block

Since I had very little time, I used prefabricated sugar bread as a base. 

Cut out squares. 

First layer, raspberry/apple jam

Second layer, whipped cream

Repeat with jam and cream. You can moisten the sugar bread with juice or lemon soda.

Go layers, I ended up with nine in total 

All walls covered with cream


I tinted the marzipan with orange food color and cut out a cross fitting the walls. I found out that this was easiest done on a baking paper which also made transportation and the mounting job easier. 

Here the baking paper is still attached to the marzipan. Next step is squeezing the edges together. 

Then trimming edges. 

Using a "?" decal I made a question mark out of plain white marzipan for all four sides and the top, gluing it on using powdered sugar and water.  

Gold coins as extra decorations. 

Great success - om nom nom

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  1. That's soo cool! Wish I could get a cake like that on my birthday...


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