torsdag 18. oktober 2012

Chrix is meeting Bioware

So I won a competition and get to meet Bioware at Gamex in Stockholm this november. And that means fixing up my Tali and Liara cosplay. 

Liara T'Soni cosplay from Mass Effect 3
Asari cosplay
Photo: Jack B. Bauer

When wearing Liara I found some parts that did not work together as well as I hoped. I will make new gauntlets, new and stiffer armor for the front/stomach and I have an idea to make the latex seams on my head smooth out. And I can always improve my makeup. 

Tali'Zorah vas Normandy cosplay from Mass Effect 2
Quarian cosplay
Photo: H. Nyhus

And I want to fix my Tali costume, and this time document the process. I will build a whole new helmet and re-sew the hood, which are the two parts that define Tali (in mt opinion) for the rest of the costume I will mostly tidy up seams and paint. 

Okey, now to start on those late night costume making sessions... again. 

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