tirsdag 2. oktober 2012

Liara Cosplay - head mold update

This post continues from this post: Liara making the mold

Ok, it was not as easy to pull of the cast as I had hoped. A lot cracked in the process which meant hours of repair. But I don't give up. My idea was to pull it off i four pieces which I would then glue together. But the clay was really stuck. (hint, don't let the clay dry out)

Back of the neck

As you can see I ended up with alot of cracks in the two pieces at the back which are here glued together. But hope is not lost, this is a job for my favorite filler. 

Voila - or almost. All the sanding eliminated the fine scale details I added to my clay sculpt. 

The mold

My four pieces glued together, sanded and with a sealing coat of clear paint. The next step will be to "slush cast" liquid latex, which means I pour latex into the mold and "slush" it around until it cover all surfaces and is thick enough to pull out of the cast. 

This was how the first mold was repaired. The second mold did not need as much repair and I got more of the scale derails out :)

Next I will show you the result of the latex cast. 

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