mandag 18. februar 2013

More projects and judging at Kaplah

So, I have been asked to be a judge in the costume contest at Kaplah in march, an event for us older nerds, see more info at And I won’t let an opportunity to dress up slide away. 

I have two cosplays I have been working with lately that might work for this event, Codex from the guild and Mystique as she appears in Ms Marvel.

I love Felicia Day and the reason I ended up working with this costume is because I want that staff.

I’m a long time x-men fan and I have wanted to do several costumes. The modern Mystique has a very interesting face makeup, but there is something special with that clean “retro” look. And my sister want to do the modern look.

Now it is just a race to see which one I will manage to finish in time for march 9th

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  1. Whaat, a gathering for older nerds, I'd love to go to that! I often feel a bit...old to be into cosplay, especially as I pretty much just got started. There's no way I can have any of my planned costumes ready for March though, even if Oslo is definitely within geographical reach.

    Also, Codex ftw. She's on my cosplay wishlist, but I need to start a bit smaller and simpler...

    1. You should come anyways, in cosplay or not :)great opportunity to discuss cotumes


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