fredag 14. juni 2013

My hectic cosplay life

Spare time where did you go? Because lately I have taken on several project and I wan't to finish them all in time for that convention or this convention. 

As you might (maybe) have noticed, I am working a lot on my Vi costume these days (no shit, Sherlock). And I will even have the honor of meeting Kamui at Desucon and will definitely ask her on tips for my Vi chest armor, especially painting and priming. 

But before that I will be a  judge for the cospaly competition at Arcon the 23rd of June. I figured this would be an excellent time to finish my Codex cosplay. The staff is almost done, my main concern is the dress at the moment. 

Then we have Desucon the weekend after that where I will team up with Hadley Cosplay for the Elizabeth and Booker Dewitt duo from Bioschock Infinite.

But Desucon lasts two days so I need another costume. Why not use one of my existing cosplays? Because it is more fun to create something new. I wasn't really planning to enter the cosplay contest. But the judges are awesome (Elffi and Kamui) and I really want to dance on stage. So my plan is to enter with my Sea Goddess - Commander of Kraken (Original Design)

Design by me: Sea Goddess - Commander of Kraken

This costume will have a dress inspired by Alexander McQueen, a tentacle staff with glowing orb, as well as several special effect appliances, including face (inspired by Peter Gaal), ears, webbed fingers and fins on both arms and legs. I am also considering adding tentacles in my hair. 
So there you have it, these four costumes are on my agenda the next weeks, and I promise you there will be a ot of updates. 

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