lørdag 29. juni 2013

The Bird or the Cage? Making Elizabeth's Broche

I just had to make an Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite cosplay, what a lovely game. 

The Bird or the Cage?

For once I was going to take a short cut and order the choker and broche from Etsy. But I misread the description and ended up just buying the choker. It was lovely by the way. 

So with little time until deadline I didn't have time to wait for another shipment, so I made it. I wanted the cage version, only because I didn't choose that one in the game (and I think it looks more interesting as a cosplay prop).

So how to make it? Use an existing broche frame or sculpt it, then hand paint the cage? No, we'll make it even easier than that.

Print out a screenshot from the game and glue it on a piece of cardboard (my favorite style). This is after all a blog for recycling and cheap ways to make props, so printing it is!

step one - print

step two - cut

Step three - Add dimension
I built up the center of the cardboard with paper clay to get a little dimension.

Step four - Glue
First I tried super glue. That dissolved the printing ink. Then I tried my trusted hot glue gun, and jolly it worked. Then I added some strokes of gold paint around the edges and on the details of the cage. 

Step five - Add some gloss
My idea was to use clear paint spray to make it glossy, but I got a tip to use clear nail polish instead. I liked this method, even cheaper than spray paint too. 

Step six - attachment
On the back I glued on a safety pin. 

And voila! Cheap cosplay. Would you have guessed that it was a print when you first saw it? 

And me in full costume, skirt, jacket corset and Salt bottle made by me. I might put out a simple tutorial for the Salt bottle. 

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