mandag 22. juli 2013

Närcon 2013 costume schedule

It is soon time for Närcon (Linköking, Sweden) one of my favorite cons of all time, my friend Shookie have written some more about the con if you're interested.

But I have finally decided my costume schedule. Since it will be warm, very warm at this convention I had to rule out some of my costume choices. But on the other side, this is a very laid back con, let's enjoy that. 

And here it is:

Day 1 (Thursday) I will be a spirit elf which is a character of my own design. And I am taking advantage of the fact that I now have a lot of elvish armor parts laying around, let's mix and match and come up with something new. 

Day 2 (Friday) Casual Tali on the beach. Yes, I know she can't leave her suit at home in risk of an infection. So I'll boost up on antibiotics and herbal supplements and run around in helmet, hood and bikini. (this being my answer to the warm weather before the competition). And I think i have found a casual commander Shepard to join me. 

Day 2 (Friday again!This is the day for NCC and I will bring out the big guns, meaning Vi. Time to show off all of my improvements. But since it will be hot and the competition is not until late in the evening I will use another costume during the day. 

Day 3 (Saturday) Jessica Rabbit style cyborg - with battle damage! Why not? I have this long elegant satin dress, but love sfx makeup and lights. So I'll mix elegance with cybernetic add on's and hope to create a kick ass cyborg. 

Day 4 (Sunday) sweat pants! There isn't much happening on the last day, so I'll probably just prep myself for the car ride home with my favorite clack pants. 

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