fredag 9. august 2013

Spirit Elf costume

I love recycling, but you don't just have to recycle materials to make cosplay. Why not recycle costume parts. Previously I made a wood elf character, from this I was able to quickly make a Spirit Elf (no idea of what the definition of a spirit elf is, I just wanted to use more feathers)

I used the same staff as earlier, just changes the ribbon and added my feathers. 

Then I used the same corset and hot pants that I earlier made for my Big Sister costume. As with the wood elf I just added a golden scarf around the neck, only attached with safety pins. 

And the pauldron is exactly the same as with my last elf design. 

The Bracers I had also made earlier. Sorry no tutorial, I forgot to take pictures. But as you might guess They are made from cardboard and faux leather. And then I can change the ribbon according to my present color scheme. If you really want a tutorial leave a comment, and I will make some new ones ;)
Eating or shouting at the leaves. 

The skirt was made for my first steampunk outfit from Banzaicon 2012

But i had to make one tiny new thing, the leather/feather crown. I used a regular headband covered it with cardboard and faux leather, added some feathers, gold paint and some of the same studs used on the pauldrons

The rest of the costume details are pixie ears, circle lenses white wig and naturally really pale skin (sometimes it comes in handy).
Being a little warrior. 

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