torsdag 12. september 2013

I have been invited as cosplay guest

A little while back I was invited to hold a panel at Metrocon in Stavanger and yesterday I got invited as a cosplay guest at Kultcon in Jönköking (Sweden). 

At Metrocon I will hold a panel about zombie sfx makeup. I am no expert in this area, but I love creating gory characters. So I am thinking of showing some composition principles, some youtube videos and some of my own tutorials with live demonstration. 

And I was thinking of adding a competition where the prize will be a mini zombie survival kit. More about this competition and prize later.

When I was at Närcon I got to talk with the organizers of Kultcon and was now officially invited to be a cosplay guest and be part of the cospaly judging. 

Grethe B's Cosplays and Kroforce Cosplay will also join as guests from Norway. 

Now I need to get started on a new cosplay :D

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