onsdag 23. oktober 2013

GeekCore in Copenhagen

Hey, I was invited to be a cosplay guest at GeekCore in Copenhagen last weekend, and I must say that was awesome. This was a back to basic concept to reinvent cosplay and geek culture in Denmark. 

This is GeekCore

So instead of having large competitions and interbattle between cosplayers they took it back to where it all started. They even had the same location as the first cosplay competition in Denmark in 2005 (I think) at J-popcon.

Photo from GeekCore, the winner Crimson Lance Soldier created by Fabian Kjær-Thomsen and judges Louise Hjuler Larsen and myself. 

Back to basics
The cosplayers simply got on stage got introduced with name and a couple of facts and went down again. And all costumes where judged equal, no matter if you had bought them or made them yourself. I was one of the judges and what we looked at was the total impression of the costume and how you showed off the characters persona.

We got told we had one prize to give, that was impossible, there were so many impressive people on stage. So we made four honorable mention categories in addition. 

  • Best Group 
  • Best Makeup
  • Best Likness
  • Most Inspiring

Most of the panels where streamed live and you can now find it on the internet. (most of theis article is in danish, but the videos are mostly in english)

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