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Death Elf - sum up

As I have a lot of cosplay parts laying around I took advantage and reused some of them when creating a new Original character. 

First I start off with a concept - And I really like skulls so this time I thought I would go for something like a death conjuring battle elf (ish). No rules when it is an Original Design, yeay. I sketched up what I wanted.

The chest armor is actually the same I use for Vi, all I needed in addition was pauldrons and tassets (I actually just learned the name of that last part, thank you google)

Pauldrons I have made before for Vi and my Wood elf, so even though these were a little different I had some experience on this area.  

Tassets were a new experience, I had made thigh armor before, but not quite like this. Here is a write up of how I did it - mostly cardboard. 

 Photo by Artano Photography

For the rest of the outfit I just used "normal" clothes. Faux leather pants, some old shoes I could add details to, same with the cloves. And a plain black tank top under the chest armor.  

I could write a chapter alone on staffs. I really like making them as they are visually cool and easy to make. I might switch to bows, but not yet. But, yeah, I have made a couple of other staffs, like the one for my wood elf and my sea Goddess

So much of the same principles were used when making this one. 

Face and makeup
I suddenly found an old red wig have only used once before, so red it is. 

But the main effect of the face is the angry demon brow. The mold for this is originally made by Karin Olava Effects, the same I used for my red carpet demon. I made more gelatin, like with the Sea Goddess

I was still an elf, so the pointed ears have to come on, these are bought at a joke shop. And to mask the bad edges I used earrings with a cuff. 

Add some contacts and you are ready. 

So this is how I made my Death Elf ;) Now you make some original characters, I would love to see pictures of them, if you want to share with me. 

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