fredag 10. januar 2014

Cosplay ideas for 2014

I have so many projects I want to try, but nothing is settled yet and I definitely don't have everything planned out. But I am going to have some fun and learn new techniques.  

And suddenly my sister, the gorgeous BettcanardDesign returned from her adventures in Australia and we will team up for several projects. 

Catherine-320 (KAT) from Halo Reach.

In the way of trying new techniques this is a big one. I have wanted to make a female Spartan for ages, but never found the courage to work with the Mjolnir armor. But after seeing the wonderful work in progress photos of Lil Tyrant's Kat, my eager is blossoming. 
Photo composed by reniko-seika on Deviantart

And I had to watch Halo Reach Deliver Hope countless times lately just to really get into the mood, it is so good. 

Adjutant from StarCraft 2
She looks so awesome and this would be a very interesting costume with armor, prosthetic, lights, makeup and sound effects. I want to be good in StarCraft, I just don't have the time :/ But I would definitely play Zerg. 

Watchmen group
I love bad ass characters, and at some point I have to make a gender bender Comedian. With my sister as the second Silk Spectre and Daniel Lange as a very impressive Dr. Manhattan I think we can show off a nice group. 

"Sugar daddy and little sisters"
Or mainly pin up little sisters, just to make something for fun. I really want to make a little sister from Bioshock, but I wouldn't portray an adolescent girl very well. I look to "womanly" you could say. As I saw the Little Sisters pin up tee I decided that "what the hell", I can make a sexy costume if I want, and this is a version I can pull off. 

And with that I get to make another ADAM syringe, so it is worth it. 

Jean Grey from x-men
I have loved the x-men since I was a kid, and Jean Grey was always my favorite. It would be cool to make the version from X-Men (2nd series) # 1, the yellow outfit. 

Corvo from Dishonored
Oh, and I have to finish my Corvo mask... and the rest of that cosplay. Problem is that I don't know if I'm going to make the original version for my boyfriend, or a gender bender version for me.

Officer VI
And after getting a compliment from Paul Kwon, the artist who designed Vi, I got even more inspired to make another  - Officer Vi ;)
Photo: by Paul Kwon

Now the question is, will I manage to go through with any of these? 

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  1. I'm fangirling so much now! Can't wait to see the progress pictures and the stunning pictures of you wearing the cosplays! :D You're a perfect Vi btw, can't wait to see more!

    1. So awesomne to hear :D I will of course spam both this blog and facebook with countless progress photos and updates. I need more conventions to go to so I can wear all these :D

  2. Are you coming to närcon vinter 2014 in Sweden? I saw your Vi cosplay ther last year and i think it whas AWESOM!!!

    1. I don't think I will have time to come to Närcon Vinter, sadly. But I am going to Närcon in the summer (one of my favorite cons).

  3. WOW! You do amaxing work! I found you through a link by "" and your Vi is just amazing!
    I've got high hopes for your Corvo ;) I'm making him too but it took me like forever to get started on the mask. But now I have started making it and it is going to take a long while :'D Keep up the great work!

    1. hey, thank you for the headsup on the steampunk page :D The maske is almost done actually, and I will make a tutorial for it :D Please send me photod of your cosplay when it is finished, I would love to see it

    2. Awesome that you're making a tutorial too :D I'd love to see how you made it :) And sure, I'll send you a link when mine is done :D

    3. Awesome, do that :) And keep an eye out for a tutorial. Follow me on facebook to get more updates as I work my way through the list of cosplays to make.


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