torsdag 20. februar 2014

Fast Cosplay

Fast cosplay is a series of cosplay I have and will make that takes just a few days to make. The thought behind it is that you don't have to be a pro, spend six months and heaps of money just to cosplay. 

For me cosplay is about having fun and get a chance to show off your love for a character. And most of us have limited resources to spend on costumes. 

I already have a focus on using recycled materials and now I want to make a few characters mostly out of clothes and materials I already have. 

A few tips:

  • A good idea is to choose a character with distinct features, like poison Ivy's red hair and green makeup. 
  • Makeup always goes a long way, spend some time looking at makeup tutorials online.
  • Your costumes do not have to be screen accurate (unless you are entering a serious competition, but then you would spend more time). 

A fast cosplay I have made in the past is the Wood elf, took me less than a day to put together and additional cost was about 20$

I hope to regularly post new fast cosplay examples  in this category.

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