mandag 17. februar 2014

Super Mario Piranha Plant

This is not my design, but I loved it and wanted to make small «potted plants». And I thought maybe that you were interested in knowing how I made them.

The process is fairly simple, as it is “just clay molding”, but here are a few WIP photos.

Start off with a ball

Make mouth and hollow it

Peel back lips

Add a tongue

Add teeth

Smooth out and add details to the outside.

To make it a bit easier I painted the flower head first and then made the stem. I have only used acrylic paint here. 

Let it dry while you make the stem. The core is tinfoil to make it sturdier. 

 Flower head is glued on with hot glue.

Painted the stem green and finished with a clear coat. 

Now I just need to put it in a green "plumber pipe". 

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