torsdag 29. mai 2014

R2-D2 Shoes

I apparently like to make tutorials for everything, now even how I painted my shoes ;)

But here it goes. A little time ago I saw these super amazing R2-D2 shoes somewhere on the internet (etsy I think). So the idea is not mine, but I will show you quickly how fast the were to make :)

I started with a pair of really cheap white flats from HM. And started tracing the pattern using a pencil, this way I could erase lines I was not happy with. I suggest you find a reference image to look at while doing this.

So with the pattern ready on both shoes I started adding lines with a black fabric pencil. (I guess this kind of ink would hold up better when I started to use the shoes) 

Adding some blue details (still with fabric pencils).  

Both shoes all blued out.  

Then I outlined the blue boxes

Lastly I filled in silver color at the front and that one little red detail. When this was done I sprayed them with waterproofing spray. In Norway it rains all the time, so hoping this will help the ink to stay pretty a little bit longer. But hey, cheap and fast made shoes, still worth it if I only get to use them one time.  

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