fredag 30. mai 2014

Steampunk hat and goggles

A Film Group from Bergen, Husky Film, commissioned me to make a Steampunk inspired hat and goggles that is to be used in a music video. That is so awesome. And the music is actually very good. Wanna listen: Jim Grim - Recalling

But I guess you are more interested in how the hat was made. 

This time I started with a novelty Byron hat and furry goggles. If you want to know how to build a hat from scratch then take a look at Bettcanards tutorials

The Hat

Sewing a cover of Brocade fabric. 

And I bought a cheap clock. 

Which I took apart and repainted

My plan was to integrate it to the front of the hat

Like so ;)

Buffed the lens of the clock to get a more diluded and worn appearnace. For this I used one coat of acetone (nailpolish remover) and polished the surface with a nail buffer. 

More details, here I have faux leaather biths and furniture nails. 

Adding them on the top

I like the effect.

For the back I added grommets, so to lace up the hat. Ad I couldn't find my hammer, these are only glued on (contact glue). This works since the hat wont be relaced and there will be no stress on the grommets. But for corsets you have to attache them the correct way. See the Morrigan corset tutorial for how to attach grommets.

But we need more details. The ideas is that the owner own the hat would gather small souvenirs from hos travels, like an empty bullet shell, small skulls, gears and feathers.  

In the end this is what I ended up with, and my client was very happy with it. 

The Goggles
This is actually what I started with :P Remove the fur and add some gold paint. 

The client wanted round and black glasses, so time to bring out the "car light spray tint", you know that spray people spray on their car light so they look black, here is a link to where I bought it at Biltema.

Then I sewed several strips of faux leather, that I glued on the edges using contact glue. 

And a few stitches were necessary by the nose bridge. 

Straps for the buckles must match the hat ;)

Also the back strap with the buckles had to match the hat. Same hue faux leather lines with the same red brocade fabric. 

But a steampunk adventurer need goggles with additional function, so a "zoom device" was created using an old watch glass and some worbla. The thing was screwed into the goggles, true mechanical style. 

All done

And I had to model it ;)

UPDATE: the video is now out. 

Video by Ken Robert Haltvik, Music by Jim Grim. See more information on Vimeo

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