mandag 30. juni 2014

I had an amazing time at DreamHack

I often have amazing time at cons and love to look back at all the stuff that happened when I get back to my normal life. So here are a few thought from DreamHack Summer 2014.

I got to hold a cosplay panel for Riot Games, that was amazing. I also wrote a sum up of the topics I talked about here. 

I also had a lovely interview with Deumovochka Cosplay from the Russian League of Legends cosplay group, so nice and I have to check out what's happening in Russia cosplay wise. I almost only cosplay in Scandinavia, I must broaden my horizon.
Me and Deumovochka Cosplay

And the cosplay competition was a chapter on it's own. They had great prizes and awesome judges, both Yaya Han and Kamui. 

You can watch the entire cosplay show and prize ceremony here, I even won a prize, gosh ^^

More about the winners on the DreamHack webpage. Look at this incredible gang, so proud to be a part of this group. 

And I took like 1000 selfies with all kind of amazing people, these are the ones I took. 
Top left Yaya HAn and Kamui, top right Cosplayer Tine Marie Riis (SC2 vs LoL) Bottom left Nova and Sarah cosplayers, bottom right LiquidSnute, one of the worlds best starcraft 2 players. 

And if this wasn't so amazing already, the producers for the StarCraft 2 tournament wanted to do an interview with me before the finale, on live Swedish television. You can see the interview on twitch here. And I really want to do a Kerrigan costume now. 

Last I got a photo of me and the winner of the SC contest, TeaJa (while I'm wearing a Razor head set) They actually gave me a headset later, so I'm super happy. 
Trying to not get makeup all over their headset. 

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  1. wow, syntes du lager utrolig bra og gjennomførte outfits! Super PROPS!!!!

    1. :D Tusen takk. Utrolig hyggelig å høre at du setter pris på det jeg gjør ^_^


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