mandag 27. oktober 2014

Halloween inspiration

I love Halloween and scary costumes, and I have noticed that these are some of my most popular tutorials. To make it easier I have here gathered the most Halloween-ish tutorials in one place ;) Have a horrifying week. 

Zombies are always win! I have also written a recap of a panel I held about this type of makeup.
Photo: Danarki

An effectful makeup I found on pinterest and recreated with a tutorial here. 

Cool makeup with "normal" makeup (no extra latex or glue)

The mutant foes from Bioshock, either deformed or only bloody are a ggod choice. 

Either as a purse or a prop ;)

These were the first horns I made. 
And here's another method to make horns. 

Not really scary, but who doesn't love a good skull prop. And It is easy to get hold of those plastic skulls this time of year. 
Photo: Artano Photography

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