lørdag 15. november 2014

Commissar Cap Warhammer 40k.

I just finished my second commission hat this year, a Commissar Cap from Warhammer 40k. The one ordering it gave me a lot of freedom regarding the style to make, since there are several version and few really good reference photos. 

First off, I needed a pattern. This is the front and top of the hat. 

Then I traced my pattern over to my support material (cardboard) and covered it up with fabric. 

With all parts covered in fabric it is time to put the parts together. I had a high focus on making the seems pretty on both outside and inside of the hat. 

Ready to stitch up

Red ribbons will hide some of the attachment points. 

Top is being attached.

And another red ribbon is added. The brim is also made with a cardboard support bade covered in black lacquered fabric. 

Trimmed down and ready for golden decor ribbons.

Gold ribbon added. 

But this hat has a ridiculously large emblem in front. That is made by making a base shape out of cardboard. It will be attached to the hat using leather bolts, so those will be incorporated into the emblem ion front. 

The flat details are made with 2 mm foam mat. 

The skull is sculpted in clay. 

Then the entire thing is covered in worbla, painted gold and weathered with dark brown acrylic paint. 

The end result is a over-dimensioned hat. 

The second it was done I had to run over to deliver it to the ones who ordered it, because it was gift being presented at a party. So I only get to take a few selfies while wearing it. 

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