onsdag 3. desember 2014

Cosplay on a budget - Upgrade older costumes

I write a lot about how to save money while making costumes, but for every con I end up making a new costumes myself. That is actually not very budget friendly. So even though I'm bursting with new ideas, I will spend some time next year to restore and upgrade some of my older costumes. 

The positive sides of the project is that I have made cosplay based on a lot of characters I love and therefor get to give them even more attention. And since I now have learned so much more about costume making I can finally give these cosplays the attention and detailing they deserve. 

Also there are a lot of my older cosplays I need better photos of and this could be a perfects opportunity.

These are some of the costumes I want to focus on next year. 
Tali vas Normandy Mass Effect, Liara T'soni Mass Effect (Photo Jack Bauer) Big Sister Bioshock 2 (Photo Aslak Sødal) and Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite (Photo Pål Andresen)

And these are also cosplay that I have almost no photos of, so that need to be fixed. In addition I have planned a few awesome photoshoots for Dovahkiin, Morrigan and Chell. 

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  1. This is super inspiring!
    I have this really bad habbit of making cosplays, and using it until it's broken and never wearing it again.. I hope to do something like you one day :D

    1. Thank you. I have a bad habit of making a costume using it ONCE and then making something new.


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