tirsdag 21. april 2015

Photo studio for props at home

Want to show off your new prop, but the photo doesn't do it justice! Fear not there are tons of tutorials out there for how to use your camera, the light and the scenery. Check out some of these also: tastyjazzythirteenthoughts and thejunebride

Me on the other hand usually have very little time and often only my mobile camera at hand. 

So this is what I do when I can fine the perfect forest or castle to compliments my props. 

In short this is what you need: 
- a backdrop
- several light sources
- a camera and something to rest the camera on.

The backdrop is easy. I just bought plain white wrapping paper.

To easily hang up the backdrop I taped clips to the wall. 

Backdrop is up, time for lights. Natural light is always the best, but I live in Norway, we don't have that for half of the year. You should have at least two light sources with possibilities to dim and diffuse. Direct light creates sharp shadows. 

Let me show the difference it makes.

1. Here are my easter eggs on the floor with no backdrop. Even with a white wall behind you would have a line where wall meets floor. 

2. With the backdrop you get an even color from the floor to the wall. 

3. And by cropping the image you can get a decent photo without Photoshop and with only a mobile phone camera. 

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