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Cleopatra costume

This costume was originally made for a music video project, but after I had finished it they suddenly changed their mind and didn't want to use it anyways. Last time I work for free, I can tell you that.  

But I did then end up with a brand new Cleopatra costume for myself and any occasion for a dressing up and taking some photos is appreciated. 

For my Cleopatra look I was first planning to wear a black braided wig, but the wig I had in mind was so ugly I had to do something else. So I made a headdress to hide away most of the hair.

The head dress
I started with a Styrofoam head and wrapped it in tin foil. If you don't have one of these then just start by wrapping your head in tin foil and then use a balloon as support for the rest of the build.

Then I covered it in masking tape. This will be my base :) A very fast way to get a dome without waiting for paper mache to dry. You should test to see of your Aluminum foil hat fits your head before moving on ;) 

Turning to my trusted cardboard I cut out two bases for the wings for the sides of the headdress. 

Slowly I added smaller strips of craft foam like feathers. Gluing them on with my glue gun. 

Keep adding foam

The back is also covered with foam. 

I had this ugly necklace with beetles, so I took one of them and added it to the front of my headdress.   

When done I covered it all with wood glue (another of my trusted materials). You might notice the "ornament" on the top of the head. This is just more foam wrapped in masking tape and glued on, the ball also, foam and masking tape. And then covered with several layers of wood glue. 

The headdress was hand painted with a rustic gold color (what I had at the time) 

And then weathered with watered out brown acrylic paint. 

The jewelry
I realized that some of the jewelry I had made for Morrigan Cosplay could work very well for my Cleopatra - win!

The chest
The dress was supposed to be a golden wrap dress, but I didn't have time to put it on for these photos. But I was still going to use my cardboard chest plate which I used for my dragon warrior the year before. 

The makeup
Youtuber Sabrina makes these amazing videos of historically accurate makeups and she had done one of Ancient Egypt. So I replicated some of her tips. 

Here's her video btw. She also did an historically accurate 1920 flapper makeup which I used while I did my own version of a Flapper Girl in January. 

More photos of me ;)

Because wrath XP

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