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How to present your costume in a competition

I have been a judge for a couple of different events now and I have attended several competitions with my own costumes. And even though I'm not an expert on everything I can still evaluate what I see and what you tell me. And there lies the punchline. "What you tell me".

Here are a few tips that can make the prejudging easier :)

First, the judges doesn't always know who you are cosplaying (Shocking right). They might have gotten the reference photo like 5 minutes before they are to judge 20-30 contestants. It is fair to say that they don't really know much before they meet you. 
Photo: Rune Olsen. Judges: Me, Martini's Workshop and JC from Fandomily cosplay. Cosplayer entering contest: Black Crane Creations

That also means that sometimes they don't see if the fabric shade is a little too dark or if you a missing a rivet. So don't tell them ;) If you point out your flaws then the judges will definitely see them. 

Of course if the judges asks you a direct question you have to answer honestly, but don't highlights mistakes if they don't ask. 
Photo: Rune Olsen. Judges: Me, Martini's Workshop and JC from Fandomily cosplay. 

My first question to contestants when they enter the prejudge room is "Hey, I want you to brag about your costume, tell me how amazing it is and what you are most proud of". Because cosplay is to have fun, even in competitions. And I know many contestants are very nervous. 

Also most judges will ask questions to guide you, not to interrogate you ;) We don't know if you have hand sewn all the sequins of just bought a fabric with sequins on. Tell us all the little work you have put into you costume. 

Once I was entering a competition and the judges only had two minutes to evaluate and for me to tell them about my costume. That is very short time to explain something I have spent four months building. Luckily I had made a list, with extra reference photos (that might not always be allowed, but best to be prepared). So I just started reading from that list and made sure I covered as much of my process as possible during my short time. 
My Preparation notes for a competition with some wip photos to better explain. (Written in a mix of both english and norwegian)

Another time I didn't have a list I just started explaining from the top of my costume and working myself downward. Explain what I had done with wig, makeup etc ending up with leg bracers and shoes. That way I also got to talk about everything ;)
Photo by Joacim Schwartz

Wow, this is a wall of text, but it could help someone prepare ;) The play/stage part of the competition I will explain in another post

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  1. Oh this is actually quite helpful! Thanks for making this post! :)
    I've always been veeeery nervous and scared to be on scene and that's why I've stayed away from entering cosplay competitions (except on a few really small events years ago), but one day I want to build the courage to enter competitions again and especially some bigger ones! I don't think I have the skills for that though, but one can always try I guess... x)

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    1. I really hope you try out, I agree it can be scary, but also very rewarding :) If you are ever in a Scandinavian/Norwegian con you should definitely enter. Usually a very nice bunch of people both entering and judging. And all the contestants help each other ^_^

  2. Thank you for your tips. I have been in a few competitions but thankfully it's always been fun. Only group participants and always with friends. Maybe one day I'll go it alone.

    1. Hi, I hope you do (I think I also commented to you on facebook, but more comments are better). I hope you try to enter Solo, and I wish you the best of luck when you do :D

  3. Thank you for your tips. I have been in a few competitions but thankfully it's always been fun. Only group participants and always with friends. Maybe one day I'll go it alone.


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