torsdag 18. juni 2015

Red for EuroCosplay

In October 2014 I won first place at Desucon:Cosplay and Japan with my Demon Hunter and from that I qualified to enter EuroCospaly 2015. After thinking about which costume I would make or bring to this event I have finally decided. I shall make Red from Transistor

I absolutely love this game and have wanted to cosplay Red for a very long time. One thing that hindered me was that I would need a laser cutter to create the sword, well, now I have that and we are set to go. I shall write more about my new workshop space later :)

Red might seem as a simple costume, but I don't think it is when you look at it closely. For this competition they will look very closely at every detail and there is where my focus will be. I will address every pixel and bring all the advanced techniques I can think of. I will take my time and produce quality. And I am looking forward to this so much. 

Also the competition puts great emphasis on stage performance and with Red I think I really can bring the stage to life. Here is a video of the performance from the 2014 winner, Kairi. Her performance and detailed costume looks amazing. 

Then again, I always have a backup plan. I am allowed to use an exciting costume if I want, so bringing the Demon Hunter is my redundant plan. But I love Transistor as a game more and making Red will mean so much for me. So I hope you'll cheer for me :)

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