torsdag 23. juli 2015

Chrix in Japan

I just had the most wonderful holiday in Japan. I have been in love with this country for 17 years before actually getting the opportunity to travel there myself, and by Odin it did not only meet my expectations, but left me even more in love. 

So we are going back, many times I guess, to be able to see, do and taste all we want (because the food was beyond amazing). 

Ikebukuro (where we lived most of the time)
Our first goal after landing was getting to an arcade, with the noise, light and intense people being incredible good at games I have never even seen before. 

The language was a little barrier at some times (like when I suddenly got milk with my tea) but mostly we managed surprisingly well. My intentions to learn Japanese is now increased by tenfold :D

In true train spirit we had Japan Rail Passes and got to travel with the Shinkansen several times. Super fast train. 

And for these train rides we needed Bento snacks :D

Our first new city was Hiroshima and I was so moved and sad when visiting the Peace Memorial museum. It is really worth a trip, just to get a feel to what actually happened here. 
The A-bomb dome in Hiroshima. 

When we were in Hiroshima we took another train and a boat out to the Miyajima Shrine. Most peaceful time we had in this hectic country. And so gorgeous with deer walking around trying to steal your food (you are not allowed to feed them).

Selfie with deer

We only had a short stop in Osaka, with great beer and I managed to get interviewed by a Japanese television show. The host was funny and a little weird, and suddenly started to talk only in Japanese... So I answered back in Norwegian.  

When in Kobe eat Kobe beef :D Ok, this was some really good beef. 

We suddenly ended up by some rice fields with humidity so high we could almost swim down the streets. 

Later we found the bamboo forest in Arashiyama. Simply beautiful, I have never seen anything like this before. 

Last visit in Kyoto was to the Fushimi Inari Shrine. After getting up a few meters most of the tourist gave up and it was quiet and calm ^_^

Back in Tokyo we took a day trip to Disney Sea. If I ever go back I have to wear a costume :D

Another tradition we have is to visit aquariums when we travel and I always try to find jelly fish tanks :)

This view is from the top floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel (from Lost in Translation) Next time I go back I want to eat at their famous New York Bar

While this is just a photo of Shinjuku at night

More of the amazing food
Ice cream in a chocolate ball and then we pour hot chocolate over it until in melts. 

I will just leave you with this little piece of calm river from the Harajuku Meji Shrine.

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  1. OMG I also want to visit Japan! It seems so awesome!
    Several of my friends have been there and I'm always all "I want to go too :c", haha. xD Someday!

    And seriously all that food looks delicious. Yum!
    That chocolate ball ice cream looks amazing, by the way; I had no idea anything like that existed!

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