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Help, someone is cosplaying the same character as me!

Calm your pants ;)

I have seen people reacting with horror if they see someone else cosplaying the same character as themselves. Everyone is entitled to feel and react as the want, but here are a few of my thoughts on the topic.

I actually love meeting people who cosplay the same as me, sure you compare a bit, but you also get ideas and inspiration to make your own better, but best of all, you get to talk to other cosplayers who love the character as much as you do. 
Three Isabela makes for more fun. Photo by Katrix 

What about competitions!
Well, my mantra is that cosplay is fun and I also think competitions are fun. Most people entering competitions want to do their best and try to win (myself included). And sometimes you end up in a mix with a character double ganger. 

Yes, it is a competition, but if you win or not should not be based on you having the best version of "X" character, it should be that you have the best craftsmanship or stage play out of all competitors no matter which costume they wear. With this in mind you can push yourself even further (if winning or great craftsmanship is your goal). 

For DreamHack Summer 2015 I knew that Ciwiel wanted to make a Mercy as well. My first reaction was that I should share what I knew with her and in return ask her questions of how she planned to solve other "problems" that I wanted input on. Also when I found the reference kit from Blizzard, I shared it with her right away (what kind of cosplay friend would I be if I hid source material).

In the end she won second place at DreamHack. She had included details that really gave a great profile on stage, really giving a presence of her cosplay and her wings were so gorgeous. And I felt a little proud, knowing I had had a little influence on her motivation to finish and in the solutions she chose. For my own part I got new ideas on how to upgrade my own.  
Ciwiel on stage after winning second place. Photo: DreamHack

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  1. I can understand that some people would feel uncomfortable, for various reasons, if they spotted someone else cosplaying the same character during an event and, I guess especially so, if the other cosplayer seems to have done an overall better job on the costume.

    Personally I've rarely bumped into someone else who cosplayed the same character (or same outfit version of the character) as me. While I can understand that some people would go defensive, insecure and/or start comparing I do dislike it when people straight out get bitchy and, at worst, will ignore or avoid the other cosplayer completely. This just makes me wonder why? I mean, it's a person who likely is as much into said fandom/series as you and probably loves the character they cosplay just as much as you do. Oh and if someone goes all "buhuuu but it's my character" and gets all butthurt about it then that's when I just want to facepalm – no one owns any kind of rights to be the only one who's "allowed" to cosplay X character at Y con or whatever. That's just childish to me.
    I see it more like an opportunity to get a new friend and take some fun duo/group photos together rather than feeling bad about it or feeling like I wasn't "original enough" lol. We are both fans of the same series so we have at least that in common, probably more too!
    Cosplay is mostly fun for me and a big reason I do it is to meet new friends, so spotting someone else cosplaying the same characters (or from the same series in general) makes me excited more than anything, haha. Especially so if it's a rarer series, then I'm about to burst when I find a fellow fan who's, well, visibly a fan!

    Sorry if my comment is messy and all over the place... x)


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    1. I like this comment. And the duo photoshoot is always fun. People cosplay for different reasons, but I'm happy almost everyone I meet are bunch of happy dorks like me :)

  2. At the (few) cons I've been to, having cosplayed as the same character has sometimes seemed to create this instant "bond" between you and the other person - you automatically smile and greet the person, even if it is just in passing, because hey, you're both Chun-Li! Certainly, I might feel a pang of envy as I see things about their costume that I like better than my own, but like you, that just inspires me to make changes to mine for later.

    Great post, and I love the Isabela shot! It almost looks like a Dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer party with all the Isabelas, haha.

    1. It makes me so happy to see that so many others also feel that meeting people with the same cosplay is a positive thing :D On my facebook page I think people are starting a "Sera-con" ;)

  3. When you find strangers doing the same as you or doing stuff from the same game, movie or whatever, I find it much easier to talk to them, it's like an icebreaker. So coming from someone who is quite shy, it makes it easier to find new friends :)

    1. Makes it so much easier to find something to talk about yes :D


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