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Eurocosplay 2015

EuroCosplay 2015 is over and what an adventure it has been for me. So I want to share my experience with you.

Over a year ago I qualified to represent Norway in Eurocosplay in London and I have been excited ever since. This is one of the largest competitions in Europe and by far the largest I have ever taken part in. 

First off, to qualify I pushed myself to make one of my best cosplays to date - The Demon Hunter from Diablo 3. I am so proud of this cosplay, but knew I would want to push myself even further for the main competition. 

The preparation
Ok, I had a year to build a new costume, but suddenly it was Christmas and I needed a break, then it was new years and I got an advertisement cosplay gig. Then came DreamHack and I really, really wanted to make Mercy. And then came May and only a few months until I needed to be done and I still didn't know what to make!
Time just flies away when you have cosplays to make ;) 

My costume
But May was also the anniversary of the game Transistor. My first thought was "This is a way to simple costume", then I started looking at how many details I actually had to make and my mind was set. Red it is! You can read more about how the costume was made here. (and more tutorials are coming).
Artwork from Supergiant Games

The best part of the build process was that I got to know Yumée. She was also working on Red with an even shorter deadline than me. We bonded over a great game, sharing ideas and frustrations. <3 Can't wait to actually meet her :)

Getting to London
Pulse high, nerves on edge and costume ready we arrived in London and I was so excited to meet all the other contestants. 26 countries was represented with some of the greatest cosplayers on this continent :D And I was among them #starstruck

We also had a welcome party, where people brought food and drinks from their home country. 
That escalated quickly. Photo by Jolanta Ploskonka

Mingle, mingle. The organizers had put up a collage on the wall with out qualifying costumes and ref pic to what we were wearing during EC. Made it so much easier to know who is who. Photo by Jolanta Ploskonka

My biggest fear was that all the other contestants were high achieving snobs, but they were all really nice, helpful and funny. If someone needed help, several ran to the occation at once, and everyone was super careful with each others costumes. You see, we all had to store, fix and put the costumes on in a common room. And with over 40 cosplayers (including a Space Marine) and their assistants, it will got very crowded. 
The VIP room looks empty now, that's because not everyone had arrived or unpacked yet. Photo by Jolanta Ploskonka

The event
To be honest I didn't get to experience much of MCM, no panels or "meet n' greets" :( Have to come back next year. As I only had small breaks between judging, photo shoots and preparations I mostly wandered the floor when I had the chance. Nut boy, so many people!

Best moment when walking on the floor was when I met this Kid cosplayer (Bastion). I love meeting people who love the same games as me, there's an instant bond there ;)
Kid cosplayer is Sam Matulewicz

The judges and judgeing
This years judges were LadyLemonCosplay, Katie Cosplays and Wirru. When you have worked on a costume for months and months, you get a bit nervous when you only have 5 minutes to explain it all. 

But the judges were really delightful. They seemed interested, smiled, gave nice "uuh" and "aah" feedback, and followed up with questions where they felt it was needed. I came out from pre-judging feeling I had visited a bunch of cosplay friends and told them about the costume I made. 

The Rules
The rule book in it self was daunting too, with a high focus on number of techniques mastered. As I am a neat freak I made booklets for the judges writing down all the methods I had used with wip photos (this was allowed and encouraged by the organizers).

My show
One of the reasons for chosing Red was the possibility to perform a skit I had dreamt of since I first saw the realease trailer. I had practice singing (miming) the main song way before I even knew which event I would be performing at <3
My inspiration from the game trailers

I was number 39 out of 42 to enter the stage, oh, how the nerves built up. We waited backstage and had no chance of watching the others performances, so I had no idea how it went for the other contestants. (it was streamed, but the wifi died on us) 
Photo by Jolanta Ploskonka

And finally it was my turn, and I lived into the role and completely forgot everything around me. I want to do it again <3

The complete show
The entire performance was filmed and you can watch it here. It is a very long video as there are over 40 skits with stage changes here, so if you are curious to see my performance it start at 1h 55m
Video by TheMCMBuzz

The winners
Champion- MrGnob from Russia, 2nd Place- Loveiny from Hungary and 3rd place- Tamiyo from Italy, all gorgeous costumes. 
2. place winner to the left, Champion in the middle and 3. place winner to the right. Photo by N8e

And I even got 7 th place. Holy hell, that is amazing. I have been on cloud nine since I found out. Se photos of all amazing contestants here

I had such a great time at this event, and really hope I get a chance to qualify again some other time. Big shout out to the organizers <3 I have never seen a stage competition go so smoothly before. Thank you :) 

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