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Red Queen Cosplay (Alice in Wonderland)

I was going to Kultcon with my sister and we wanted to cosplay together during our stay. We both love all the characters from Alice in Wonderland and I saw this a nice opportune to make a quick Red Queen cosplay and Bettcanard could use her amazing Mad Hatter again. 

The look

As always I like to recycle and I gave myself a 200,- NOK (about 25$) budget for new materials for this cosplay. Let the challenge begin. If it wasn't for the budget and limited time I would so have loved to make this queen in the style of Marie Antoinette, because of the "beheading" theme ;)

The Crown

This is a reuse of my Bee Queen crown. I added red fabric and changes out the Bee ornament with a more neutral diamond earring. I wanted to add something heart shaped, but I couldn't find anything suitable. 

The makeup and Wig
Because I knew I was going to have a large collar I styled the wig up and to the sides with pins. For the makeup I went for a more dramatic look with red and black as my theme. 

The collar 
Fast cosplay means fast solutions and I wanted a huge collar made out of playing cards. Sadly I don't have ant work in progress photos but I can still explain my process. 

I cut out of cardboard the shape I wanted, slightly heart shaped and tall ;). Then I sewed on red fabric on the backside. (Yes, no problem sewing in cardboard)

The I had two decks of playing cards, wanting to only use hearts and spades (but had to use the diamonds also, no clubs though). With a glue gun I glued one and one card to my collar base in a fan pattern. 

To attach it to myself I added a ribbon to the base and also secured it to the top of my dress with a safety pin. 

The dress 
Which is not really a dress. I modified my Codex Corset again (which I had just used for my Ringmaster) and added a heart to it ;) 

The skirt is made of several layers. First of all I already have a large crinoline. The inner layer is my Morrigan skirt, where I added fabric roses with safety pins to bring it closer to the look I was going for. 

The next layer is a circle skirt with silver studs added to them. It is also hoisted up and folded at the edge (to hide the fact that I did not roll the hems). For the top layer I had some leftover fabric from my Bee Queen cosplay. This was perfect because of all the details. 

The large heart in front was just a cardboard heart covered in golden fabric and attached to the dress with safety pins (time was of the essence)

I even had striped stockings on even though none would see them. But I felt a little bit more Burtonesque ;)

The cuffs
I wanted cuffs made out of playing cards and just made two cones out of cardboard as my base. Then I covered them in layers with playing cards. A red satin ribbon tightens them together on my wrists. 

The overall look. 

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