tirsdag 29. desember 2015

Vault Dweller - Fallout 3 cosplay

This has been one of my chill projects this year. Starting by making a pip boy and following up with making a AER9 Laser Rifle and a Shishkebab sword to boot. I also finished making a Vault 101 jump suit (or more like a two piece, because it makes it easier to go to the bathroom). 

My Character
I wanted to create my character from the first time I played the game, a naive, blonde girl with good karma ;) (she actually died from a wind blast just outside Vault 101). But I also made another makeup test with a Mohawk hairdo. 

I traced of an existing jacket and divided the front into 4 panel on each side.

I used yellow felt to get clean lines. The zipper was sewed to the felt and then the felt sewed to the front of the jacket.  

The numbers on the back was also felt, since I then didn't have to finish the edges. 

To weather the jacket I watered out acrylic paint and airbrushed the jacket. Which worked very well.  

There's some hardware attached to the jacket, using Velcro and small screws I attached this piece, which is made from a plastic tube a few pieces of worbla. 

More details

I also needed pants! Again I cut open an old pair of pants and traced it to get a new pattern. 

My knee pads. 

Pants and jacket are done.

I still haven't had the time to do a full photoshoot with this cosplay yet, so only test photos are ready. 

But soon, just have to finish Fallout 4 first ;)

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