torsdag 10. mars 2016

GameOn! A gaming exhibition at the Thechnical Museum

Yesterday a bunch of cosplayers including myself got invited to the grand opening of the new exhibition at the Technical Museum in Oslo, called "Game On 2.0".

It was a major nostalgia bomb to be there, so many old games and consoles that I grew up with, and so many really cool retro arcade machines I haven't seen before. 

It was a bit hard to play everything I wanted (yes, it's 100% interactive, you can play everything) while in costume, so I have to come back later (wearing nothing more complicated that sweatpants)

And here's the gaming cosplayers that helped make the event more awesome: Bettcanard in Savior's Hide from Skyrim, Karin Olava as Morinth from Mass Effect, Me as Demon Hunter, The Fuzzy Teddy Inn as Hawke from Dragon Age, Ibelinn as Death maiden from Diablo. In front we have the friendly Viking as Link from the Legend of Zelda and CryoCanine as Athena from Borderlands. 

But my favorite moment of the evening was playing Pong projected onto a wall (in cosplay with my sister). This has actually been on my bucket list a while, and it made me very happy ^_^

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