onsdag 8. juni 2016

I have written a Cosplay Book

For a long time I have wanted to write a book about cosplay, but I never "had the time for it". I even started a couple of times, but ignored my own deadlines and kept to blogging instead. Then Frida Tørring contacted me, she wanted to create a book project and wondered if wanted to help write it. This was the start of "Den lille cosplayboka" or in English "the little book of cosplay". 

Cover photo is taken by Ookami - Cosplay Photography, layout by Frida Tørreng

Now the deadlines meant something and I had someone to help with knowledge about printing and publishing. As I write this blog post we are just a couple of weeks away from launching the book, soon i will have the first printed copy in my hand. 

Layout by Frida Tørreng

This will be a book for people wanting to start with cosplay, what tools to get and how to enter a competition. I could write 10 times as much as I did, but we had to limit the amount to keep the printing costs manageable. 

The first edition of the book will only be in Norwegian, but we are already thinking of translating it to English. Do you want a sneak peak? Here's a little teaser for you

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  1. kan boka kjøpes nå? og evnt hvor?

    1. Ja, den kan kjøpes. Den selges på Outland, Nerdeportalen og Bitraf. Den kan også bestilles på nett via cosplay.no. Og den skal selges på egen stand på neste Desucon (05.11) :D


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