fredag 3. juni 2016

Overwatch All Stars

Both me and my sister, Bettcanard, were lucky to be chosen to play in one of the European Overwatch All Stars Tournaments. All over Europe Blizzard is hosting events and tournaments to bring the spotlight to their new game Overwatch, and this must be one of the coolest jobs I've had. 
Photo: Håvard Staub Nyhus

We would be on the Norwegian/Danish mixed team, playing against Sweden, where several YouTubers, gamers and in our case cosplayers made up the teams. 

First task was to practice as much as possible during the Open Beta in May, where me and Bettanard bunkered down with two PS4 in my living room. Sadly we never got a chance to practice as a team (which made us predict how the final tournament would go). 

But still we had the best time trying out all the characters, finding our favorites and getting a few strategies planned between the two of us to be shared with the rest of the team. 
Playing on PS4 meant we had to warm up

Ok, we love the game. To nobodys surprise I loved playing Mercy, and I even think I'm quite good at it. Sevral "Play of the Games" kinda supports my opinion here. But both me and Bettcanard really loved playing Junkrat with his grenade spam and Rip tire ult :D And both of us now wants to cosplay him! A quick round of rock, scissors, paper gave Bettcanard the win! Then I'll find some other hero to cosplay (because I really need more cosplays from this game).

 After a few Loot Boxes I got this skin for Junkrat. Which after the Beta closes will disappear QQ 

Right before the Beta closed we discovered the "Random Hero Raffle". Very difficult when you have gotten used to your top five heroes. ;)

The Big Day!
Finally the day of the All Star Tournament was here, the NO/DK team was flown to Stockholm where a huge Overwatch branded Hummer Limousine! Way to really make us feel like VIPs.

Before the tournament started, Bettcanard and I put on a little casual Tracer and Mercy cosplay (not enough space on the plane to bring it all). I ended up looking like a Mercy avatar, hehe. Also not easy to use the headset and the halo at the same time, but I managed :D

We are soon ready to play
 Final briefing

Of course the sound on Bettcanards screen didn't work.

Sooo, the Swedes were GOOD! We had sort of stalked them on twitter and seen that they had prepared well for this, but they rocked. I'll add some videos as soon as they are edited :D

Another cross-team photo with the NO and SW girls :D They were super nice and sure knew how to play their heroes. And Bettcanard got one insane "Play of the Game" with team kill elimination using Junkrats Rip tire ultimate. 

And a last photo of both teams, NO/DK to the left, SW to the right

Thank you so much Blizzard, we would love to do this again <3

If you are wondering ab out how to make the Mercy cosplay, check out the tutorial here.
Photo: Håvard Staub Nyhus

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