torsdag 5. januar 2017

Cosplay plans for 2017

A new year means getting my butt in gear and finish some old costumes and plan a bunch of new ones. I do the planning all year round anyways though. 

Blonde girls with blue dresses
For some reason I have fallen for three different characters with blonde hair and blur dresses, don't know if I will make them all, but I want to. 

Alice from the 2010 movie

Cinderella in her casual dress from the 2015 movie

Dolores from Westworld

Other characters I have been planning are:
Sombra from Overwatch

Wizard from Diablo 3 (this one is half finished already)

Alice from Madness return with the Silk Maiden dress, because I love all the designs. 

And the cosplay on a budget challenges. I will write more about that when the January project is on it's way. ;)

And a couple of secret projects that I don't want to reveal just yet. 

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the Diablo 3 and Alice Madness Return costumes! :D Happy new year!


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