torsdag 7. september 2017

Cosplay on a Budget: September

The 100NOK theme for September is "the year 2000". That is a pretty broad theme covering everything from movies, games, cartoons, comics etc from that  year. I actually had to google what was released in 2000 (it is almost two decades ago!). But seems like two of my favorite movies came out that year. 

Chocolat (imdb)
Everyone added chili to their hot chocolate after this movie. Also I'm very much in love with the fashion style of that era. So one plan is to cosplay Vianne Rocher, and getting to make some fancy chocolate as part of the photoshoot. But this depends on whether I end up becoming a brunette during September (I'm currently blonde). Let's just wait a little and see. 

And chocolate happens to be my favorite food in the world <3

I ended up making a Chocolate closet cosplay.

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