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Crystal Art review

Worbla has released another product known as Crystal Art. It resembles Polymorph as it comes in pellets and can be heated and molded into shape. And the huge selling point is that it is clear, where as polymorph is opaque. 

I have made a small comparison between the two, to see the benefits and application of each. I also added in a third test using hot glue - maybe the cheapest version could work the best?

 From the left: glue gun, polymorph and crystal art

In the back, from the left: Crystal Art, Glue gun. In the front: polymorph

melting point: 62 degrees Celsius
Which means it can easily be heated in a cup of hot water. I prefer this way to work with the pellets as they get very sticky and the water prevents it to stick to my fingers. 

Crystal Art
Melting point: 100-110 degrees Celsius
This is higher than boiling water and therefor you have to use a heat gun. Since this material also gets sticky I still added some water in a cup and used the heat gun directly on it. Another drawback for me is that is gets very hot to handle with your hands right after (but it stays mold-able for a while, so you can let it cool off a little or use cold water on your fingers while molding).

Extra test - Glue Gun
I wanted to see how crystal art stood up to just using hot glue. Conclusion is that hot glue does not take details as a well and gets more cloudy/opaque than the crystal art. 

The test
Under I have added the two different plastics into a silicon mold.

Both plastics takes the details very well and the crystal art does stay transparent - great for making gems. Only be careful so you don't discolor it with dust etc while molding. 


Crystal Art  

Glue gun

Light test
How well does the plastics work with LED lights. 

Crystal Art  

Glue gun

What surprised me is that while polymorph gets completely rigid, Crystal art stays somewhat soft after "curing"/cooldown. So you will not end up with rock hard diamonds with this material. 


Crystal Art 

Glue gun

All plastics also have the benefit that you can reheat it to reshape it. 

This is a great to making gems and more health friendly alternative to making gems than using resin. But it is a little more difficult to work with than polymorph, so I need to practice a bit more. 

NB: The Crystal Art was sponsored by Nerdeportalen for me to test it out and make a review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. great test, good little things to know, especialy intresting about the light test.
    Thank you. :D


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