mandag 30. oktober 2017

Updated Spider Queen

Last Halloween I made a Spider Queen inspired costume, but I was not really happy with the completed look. Therefor I did a redesign for the Halloween event at the hospital. 

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I wanted a more regal look and ended up reusing my Morrigan cosplay for some of the parts. And I had tons of spider web left overs from decoration my apartment. 

To get more spider details I used this table runner as decorations down the front. 

The finished result
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Photo by and

Here is also a recap of how I made the Face application:
I wanted eight eyes for my costume, that meant a little sculpting. I already had a face cast of myself (gift from my sister) and I used Monster Clay to sculpt the overall shape and details and resin eyes for the eyes.

Then I cased the sculpt in plaster. After it was cleaned out I poured gelatin into it. 

Gelatin mix is one part gelatin powder, 1 part glycerin and 1 part 50/50 honey and warm water. 

My raw cast

Then came painting. I base painted it with PAX (50/50 pros aide and acrylic paint) This way I can continue using acrylic paint for detailing with out it chipping off. 

Video tutorial for the makeup 

And while taking the makeup off I realized it looked kinda cool without the wig, like a spider alien almost

The crown is made from left over worbla pieces. The web is hot glue. The crown is attached to my head with the help of a plastic headband.

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