mandag 30. oktober 2017

Welcome to my home this dreadful night (Halloween decorations)

This year I finally had the time to decorate my apartment for Halloween. Here is what I did. The hallway got some laser cut bats (just laser cut out of black carton) and a spider web adorned lantern. 

And more bats when you come in :)

 These poison bottles are just glass bottles from the trash that is painted matte black (with gesso actually) And I glued on a printed label found on pinterest. 

Also a package of spider web from the joke shop lasts for ever! And I bought two in case one was not enough. I ended up having spider webs every where, including all over the spider queen dress. 

 More trash bottles used as decorations. 

The branches in the vase got small bats all over it and my glass cloche ended up housing a small spider cave diorama. This was made by scavenging dead branches, gluing those together adding the web (I had enough I promise) some fake spiders and an artificial candle.  

But the decoration that bothered the most people was the fact that this picture was left askew on purpose. 

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