tirsdag 31. oktober 2017

Cosplay on a budget October: Monsters

The theme for the 100NOK/10EUR/10USD challenge for October was Monsters! I have so many monsters I wanna make. But some of these I might have to save for later. 

But I made a creepy clown as my monster (and as my Halloween costume)

In addition I pimped up my old Spider Queen, by using parts from other cosplay I didn't have to spend anything on making a new concept. 
Photo by reflective.photography and cosplay.studio

But for future monsters I really want to make a version of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. But a little more vintage pinup style on the dress and hair. This is also a perfect budget project as I can use a lot of scrap fabric. I don't think my costume will be like this illustration, but it gives you an idea of where I'm going. 
Art by Veebsy

Also Hannah Alexander revealed her complete design of Sally yesterday, so I might find some inspiration within her design too.  
Art by Hannah Alexander

And maybe make the full costume for Emily from Corpse Bride. But I don't think I can make this under 100 NOK.

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