fredag 6. juni 2014

Adjutant cosplay from StarCraft 2

I have learned so much from this cosplay. And I am so happy with the results. At the moment I'm working on updating it. There are always parts that I think can look a bit better, and details you don't know if works before you see it on photos. Mainly I will add more tubes to my skirt, making it a bit fuller. 

But for you who are looking for how to make this costume, tutorials are here. 
And here are some photos. 
Photo by: Martin, FrameLab AB

Photo by Katrix Media

Photo by Pål Andresen

But wait.. .there's more. Since I won best in show with my stage performance I have to share this with you. And If you need any tips on how to edit music/sound for your performance check out this tutorial

Also I plan to film the makeup appliance process the next time I'll put it on, I promise. (Which will be my first makeup video tutorial)