onsdag 27. juni 2018

Cospaly on a Bugdet December - Star Wars

Ok, I have been very slow with finishing up this one. The theme for December was Star wars and I really wanted to make Padme's Battle Arena outfit from Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones. Budget is still 100 NOK and No way I could make any other of Padme's outfits of that budget. 

The hair
I cut up an old brown wig and twinned the hair around foam rollers and glued this to an elastic band. At the moment I can use my real hair for the rest of the hairstyle.

The arm band
These were made from leftover worbla, some silver paint and a elastic band slued on. 

The belt and The pouches
Luckily I had a commission that left me with some left over brown faux leather. It has a suede quality rather than a smooth surface, but when your budget is tight you can't be too picky. Belt is a strip of brown suede over a thicker piece of fabric with Velcro on the end. 

Same brown fabric sewn together to pouches and a gun holster. These were just hot glued to the belt. (Don't know why I didn't just sew them on)

In the end all brown suede got a bit of detailing with my airbrush and some acrylic paint. 

The Gun
This is not screen accurate at all, not even trying. But a gun looks more interesting on photo, so I repainted an old toy gun which has serves as a steampunk weapon for some time. I'll take it :)

The shoes and booth covers. 
I had a pair of old (broken) white boots. These are not comfortable, I need to ass new soles or something so I don'r end up hurting my feet. These were painted brown, first a abysmal attempt with acrylic paint and glue, then corrected with my airbrush... ok, don't look to closely at them. 

The covers are made from a foam base and then covered with the same brown suede. These are attached to the shoes with more velcro. And detailed with my airbrush. 

The cape
If I had a larger budget I would have bought a nicer fabric, But I needed this upholstery fabric for another project and bought a little extra for this cape because I got a discount. It does work though, so I'm still happy. 

The sweater and pants
Are pieces of clothing from my closet. Since I use them normally I did not want to add more seams or details, so I don't care if this cosplay is not entirely screen accurate. 

So This is what I ended up with from the last budget challenge from 2017. Photos below are taken by cosplay.studio