mandag 10. juni 2013

Build Vi goggles, simple walkthrough

How to go from this generic punk goggles to a pair good enough for Vi herself, in this tutorial I will cover how to build Vi goggles. For the other tutorials click here. 

There aren't that many good photos of the goggles I want to make (since as always the in game model is different)

But this lovely pair made by Vensy Meow on etsy made everything much easier for me.

Goggles by Vensy Meow

I wanted my glasses to be cheap and quick to make. So I started out with the most generic "punk" goggles you can find on ebay, added some paper clay, sanded it down and painted it gold.

Paper clay

Remove the padding (it was too big). Add some smaller padding and paint the outer edges black.

There are still some detailing and last touches needed, but this is roughly how I did it. (yes, I got gold paint on the lenses, derp). But that gold mist can be removed with nail polish remover, see result under:

søndag 9. juni 2013

How to style Vi wig

Getting a pink wig is not the hardest part of a Vi costume, but I still spent a lot of time finding the right color and shape, so why not share this information with other Vi enthusiasts. I bought a dark rose red wig on ebay. And then you have to style it and I just found out a great way to make dreads and the side cut - Needle felting!

And if you want to see how I build the rest of the costume - tutorials here. 

Starting point: plain wig

Then I cut off the hair on the left side (from Vi's perspective) and dyed the hair brown using acrylic color. The back and side is styled using hairspray. 

But it still looks like you cut and painted you wig, the hair gets stiff and the wig net might be visible. And from the in game model you can see that the side cit is trimmed very short. 

Screenshot from

After using the wig once I found out I could make the side cut much better by using brown wool and needle felting. Needle felting means that you use a needle with tiny notches and you pin the wool several times until it gets compact (felted). 

In the picture below I have added wool directly onto the wig and felted a small area where the needle is located. 

Fully felted. I might blend in some more color to add some depth to the side cut later. 
(letting the pink show trough just a little bit)

The dreads
For the dreads I only used the pink extensions first and I tried to section them using hair products. This did not work so well. So why not needle felt these too. And they looked so much better after felting pink (with some small sections of deeper and lighter pinks) wool around the extension. 

Extension attached to wig (The color looks a little off in this picture due to different light conditions).

Pink wool and needle

And the ends of the dreads looks better than just straight cut off extensions. 

Many of you have requested more info on how to make the dreads or how to felt. Here's a small (vertical :S ) video demonstrating one way to do it. 

First test with goggles, purple lenses and newly styled wig.
(not very purple effect from these lenses) 

(And I need to make it fit my face better)

Tutorial for how to make these goggles 

mandag 3. juni 2013

How to build Vi shoes

This is a tutorial for how I built the shoes for my Vi (League of Legend) cosplay. 

For my first iteration of my Vi costume I didn't have the time to think about the shoes. But now I do, and they need to be ready for Närcon and NCC

These are the shoes on the in game model which I used mostly as a reference. (Again I want the splash art shoes, but they are not visible)
Chrix Design
Ingame model from

I started of with a pair of wedge heels shoes.

On the heel I build up with foam mat pieces.

And added a piece of cardboard over

 Then I build up with foam on the fron of the shoe

 And covered the foam with cardboard.  

Next I took a piece of thin foam (yoga mat, yes really) And covered it with black faux leather. 

And glued that part to the front of the shoe

 Then I covered the heel with the same black faux leather

For texture and detailing I glued on a piece of grey faux leather on each side of the shoe. 

Next up is to clean all the edges and prep the shoes for painting. I will first try to even out the black shade and then detail it with silver spay paint

Silver highlights

More shading

I will do a little more detailing and clean up some edges, but I wanted to post this now :)

In my next post will quickly show how to make Vi goggles. 

For an alternative way to make these shoes check out Shinju who also made a pair of Vi shoes.