lørdag 30. april 2016

Fallout Vault Dweller cosplay

When you can design your own character in game, you get plenty of opportunities to reuse your cosplay with different looks. 

I have already posted a few photos of my bad ass wastelander with shaved head ;)

Photo by Zarsu.dk

Photo by Zarsu.dk

Photo by Zarsu.dk

Photo: Katrix Media Site, edit by Jellycide
 Photo: Rojano Photo

 Photo: Rojano Photo. Here I'm lucky enough to pose together with Kamui Cosplay

Even added a small tutorial on how to create the shaved hairstyle

The Retro pinup

But I have also made another style, which was more true to my very first character creation in Fallout 3, the cute platinum blonde curly hair. This character ended up loosing a foot though. That happens. But I loved the idea of adding a bandanna to the hair, to make it a bit more rebellious in real life. 

I even made a makeup video for this :)

Hoping to post more photos of this pin up look later. 

onsdag 13. april 2016

Fallout makeup - shaved head

One of the great things with Fallout is the character creation :D 

And this is the hairdo I gave my in-game character, shaved sides with a little hair left at the temples. 

After I posted a photo of the process on facebook it has gotten a lot of response, so I thought I would explain a little more in detail how to make this look. I don't have that many of my own photos, but will supplement with other online tutorials. 

Baldcap to the rescue
To create this look with a completely shaved side you need a baldcap. I bought mine from Kryolan. It comes in two sizes, and depending on your head size and amount of hair you need to hide choose the one for you. 
Image from Kryolan.com 

Prepping the baldcap
You should trim the baldcap to fit your face before applying the hair, this way it is all ready to be glued on when you are done. And be advised, it is a little difficult to put on a baldcap alone, if you can get a helper do so :) Bostoncostume.com has a small tutorial how to trim and apply a bald cap. 
poto is from Bostoncostume.com

Ok, the baldcap is trimmed and you should now put it on a wig head or Styrofoam head. As I wanted hair on the top of my head I glued on a piece of a wig. You should not use glue that gets stiff when dry, personally I used pros aide for this part. 
Image from pros-aide.com

I just added a cut out piece of a wig, but Arda sells lace squares, mostly used for beards. This will give you a much prettier hairline at once. 

Image from arda-wigs.com

But if you don't want to buy a lace piece, you can lay down hair along the edge of you "normal" wig piece that you have glued on. You do this by adding more glue along the edge of the wig, wait until it has dried clear and add hair to the glued areas. 
 Please ignore that my Styrofoam head is way too small for the baldcap. 

Watch this video on how to lay a beard to get some inspiration. 
Video is made by Stan Winston School

If you are going to put on the baldcap alone then you should add makeup to the back of the head before applying it, makes it easier to see the outcome. Stipple on brown makeup to create hair shades, add brown shades to create dirt, and a little blood if you are going to be battle damaged. 

Then it is time to put it on your head. You should watch this video by RayBrown00 on how to apply a baldcap, many good pints here. 
Video by RayBrown00

My baldcap was already used, with not the best edges. So to smooth those out a bit more after gluing the cap on I used Nose and scar wax (from Ben Nye) along the edge and sealed that with pros aide glue. Then powder everything well. 
Image from http://bennye.com/

Even with the edges smoothed out you need to fix the color difference. Your skin and latex absorbs makeup very differently, so I used a lot of foundation to get it as clean as possible first. 

Then I added dirt and blood to take the focus away from the edges. 

All done for this time

Another way to create a sidecut hairdo is to use needle felting and wool to a wig like I did with my Vi cosplay. 

I also know that there's a technique calleFlocking which is the process of depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface. it makes it fuzzy :) But I don't know how to do this yet.