lørdag 31. mars 2018

Happy Easter 2018 - Overwatch themed Easter Eggs

It is time for the Easter Eggs again and this year the theme I'm going for is Overwatch. And I'm going to make three egg designs: Overwatch logo, the onion plushy and Symmetra's turret. 

And as always I start off with a plain cheap egg, and my only "rule" is that I still can be able to open it (and fill it with candy) after the transformation.  

The OW logo
Ok, this was pretty basic. Foam details glued onto the the egg. Then added paint and some dry brushing. 

Symmetra Turret
A little more advanced. I cut out a hole in the middle and added an indent with worbla with a "visor" made from transparent worbla. Feet are also made from worbla. Then a little paint and some airbrush. 

The onion plushy - Pachimari
Details are only 2 mm foam cut outs and some paint ^_^

There you go - Happy Easter