tirsdag 12. februar 2013

Zombie time!

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I love zombies as much as the next girl and can not pass on an opertunety to dress up. Warm bodies is featured soon and Banzaicon is around the bend. I want to make a torn jaw, exposed teeth mask. 

The idea is to make this in two stages, the torn flesh I will make on application day, but the exposed teeth I can make now (saving time on application day)

First up, teeth, which are made from fake nails and cut into shape. 

Precut and aligned
Zombie makeup

Next step - latex. Here I have stippled liquid latex (69 kr at Standard, like this one) over the area I want my mask to cover (sorry for bad quality mobile photos, best I had at the moment)

And layer up with toilet paper and cover it with latex again. Let it dry. 

Same with upper jaw

Adding teet, which are glued on with spirit gum (also known as mastix)
Zombie makeup latex

More teeth
Zombie makeup latex

Gums. If you look closely on this picture you will see that i have added more texture above and between the teeth, creating gums and securing the teeth. 
Zombie makeup latex

Paint job
I used thick acryllic paint, which gives a a wet look and is cheap. Red and brown are mixed here. 
Zombie makeup latex

And darker brown around the edges. 
Zombie makeup latex

Full front. An ekstra nail is added to the chin as to create the effect of exposed jaw bone, buildt up with extra tissue around the edges. 
Zombie makeup latex

Take it off and I have a reusable mask. And it is easier to finish detailing it. 

A little more detailing, painting under and between the teeth. And making some brown strikes on the teeth itself. 

This is all for now. When the time comes that I will wear it I will add more fake blood, but it is easier to store when it is dry and clean like now. To apply it later I will use more latex or spirit gum. It is important that the area around the mouth is attached thoroughly. The edges however will be covered with more fake skin - but more on that in my next tutorial.  

See my next post on how to make the rest of the makeup

onsdag 6. februar 2013

Liara cosplay - Jacket

As a follow up on my preveously short post on the body suit - here are som work in progress photos from the Liara Jacket. 

Photo: Bioware Forum

The Jacket

Liara Cosplay - the body suit

I made the body suit in two steps as I experienced that it bulged out from my first attempt. 

Photo: Bioware Forum


To the pieces are cut out from noeprene of covered with white fabric (same as I used for the jacket) I later found  out that Neoprene is too flexible and made a second edition with cardboard as a core instead. 

I sew all the pices on to a blue skai base 

For the chest I used an old bra which I covered in grey fabric.

Then putting top and bottom together. 

So it wouldn't bulde out I made a corset with a side zipper to hold it close to my body.